The Adult Sunday Morning Bible Study class meets at 9 every Sunday morning. These Bible-based classes are predominantly studies of specific books of the Bible, but occasionally will be topical in nature.

Current Study: The Last Days

If the Bible is correct (and I believe it is), the next major event on the Biblical calendar will be the rapture of the church, which means we are quickly approaching the Last Days and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. 

Since we Christians study in great detail the circumstances and events surrounding the birth and life of Jesus, shouldn’t we have the same curiosity concerning the times leading up to and following His next appearance?

Beginning on January 5, 2020, a new class will begin focusing on the End Times.  This 19-lesson study will be presented on Sundays from 9-10 am in our sanctuary.  The material covered will include parts of Daniel, Ezekiel and Matthew, and all of Ruth and Revelation.  In addition to the presentation itself, a set of detailed notes will be given to each person attending the class.  The presenter of the class will be Ron Price, who has studied this material for over 30 years.

Please consider attending this study, because the End Times are surely at hand.

If you have questions, please contact Ron Price.

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