The Adult Sunday Morning Bible Study class meets at 9 every Sunday morning. These Bible-based classes are predominantly studies of specific books of the Bible, but occasionally will be topical in nature.

Current Study: Who is the Holy Spirit and Why is He so Important?

Join us for our current study on the Person-Presence-Purpose-Provisions of the Holy Spirit, along with analyzing the Fruit and Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Please understand, in order to access the power to live a dynamic life for Jesus, a Christian must live filled with the Holy Spirit.

This class is being led/taught by Ron Price (a Bible teacher for 35+ years), who has created comprehensive notes for each self-contained session. As a result, an important part of this study can be gained during each of the classes and notes can be obtained for past studies.  The series includes detailed information on the many aspects of the Character, Fruit and Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Please join us for solid teaching and great discussion on this vital topic.

If you would like more information, please contact Ron Price.

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