What does a mature Christian look like? How often do you meet one today? Are you one? C.S. Lewis wrote that the whole purpose of becoming a Christian is to become a little Christ – to become like Jesus; full of His love, patience, and peace. Spiritual transformation is the process of moving from conformity to the world to conformity to Jesus. We invite you to join us this year as we study the book of 1 Corinthians and learn from Paul how to grow up. Paul wrote this letter to a church very much like ours in America today – wealthy, immoral, and immature. Jesus stands ready to make you like Him. Are you ready to join Him?

Latest Sermon

Not God

The famous saying in Alcoholics Anonymous is: “I’m not God.” With that, a huge burden lifts off. But we know from experience how hard this is to actually do. Not to agree with; to do. God is still waiting for us to decide to hand the world over to Him.

This one act would completely revolutionize our lives. If we handed the world over to God we would discover the easy yoke of Jesus. And we would finally be able to lie down and sleep at night. We would be set free from our stress. We would see and experience all of the wonderful gifts God has given us today.

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