I want you to know this morning that Jesus is very literally standing outside the door of our church. And the prize He is offering is a special fellowship with Him we do not now have. One where all the treasures of His kingdom are ours.  Perhaps you feel as if you’re on the other side of the door when it comes to experiencing the joy, peace, and power of Jesus in your life. You’ve read about it. You’ve seen it described. And you’ve tried to use conventional methods to get it. You go to church. You pray before meals. You attend Bible Study. But it still feels as if it’s on the other side of the glass.  He stands out there knocking. He stands out there calling our name. And the question for us is: How bad do we want to open that door? Are we willing to think outside the box? Are we willing to use methods most people aren’t willing to use? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to have that special fellowship with Him?

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