I want to talk about the fact that male or female, young or old, rich or poor, we have a God that truly is sufficient for all seasons, all situations, all circumstances. We have one God who can create, sustain, provide, strengthen, encourage, and bless – He does it all. And He is all we need, no matter what we face. And we have even more. Because not only do we have the god of money, the god of success, the god of reputation, the god of pleasure, and the god of family, we have millions of people who live to please and honor themselves. Millions of people who live trusting themselves. Millions of people who serve the god or goddess of self.  I’m going to assume that most of you would say that God is first in your life. So my question for you now is: What’s number two? Would you shout out your answers? My number two is: self. Whatever number two is the biggest threat to number one. And that’s the first thing we need to lay down.  And if we are willing to do that, we will find that God is the only One we need. We have a God great enough to handle every situation we face. And He wants to be our one God for all seasons.

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