When we don’t get enough rest we become more susceptible to illness, our heart suffers, our cancer risk increases, our brain does not function properly, our memory suffers, our libido is diminished, we gain weight, we don’t smile as often, we put ourselves at risk for high blood pressure, and we are more likely to be depressed. A recent survey found that people who get enough rest had well-being scores twice as high as those who don’t.  And today, Jesus is inviting us to step out of the everlasting busyness that curses our lives and enter into His rest. I stand before you today as someone who does not get near the amount of rest I should. And I have been so convicted this week that my lack of rest is evidence of a lack of faith in God. I have not trusted God enough to stop working, stop doing, making things happen. And it’s time for that to change! It’s time to enter His rest.

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