Our habits actually shape our brains. The more we engage in certain acts, the deeper the neural pathways in our brains associated with those acts become – like making deeper tire tracks in the road. So that eventually our brains naturally go to those thoughts and actions over and over again. That’s incredibly good news if we have good habits! But it can be so debilitating if we have bad habits. And if that’s us, we need to know that as deep as those tracks might be in our brain, they can be changed! We can develop new tracks in our brains by changing our habits. And this is where we must work as Christians. God has given us a path to freedom and transformation. He has designed our bodies in such a way that it is possible to replace our habits of sin with habits of righteousness, our habits of fear with habits of peace, our habits of worry with habits of joy! So that we actually take on the mind and character of Christ!
But are we willing to change our habits

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