As Christians, we have a simple job in life – to follow our leader, Jesus. If Jesus spent a lot of time in prayer, we too should spend a lot of time in prayer. If Jesus fasted, we too should fast. If Jesus was never in a hurry, then we should never be in a hurry! If all we do is watch Him, if all we do is hear Him, we can’t say we are followers of Jesus, can we?

Now, we need to know a couple things about following Jesus: First, Jesus never begged anyone to follow Him. We have to decide if this is what we want. Second, often our biggest storms come when we follow His lead. So if we don’t want to be uncomfortable, if we don’t want to face anything difficult, we probably aren’t ready to follow Jesus. But here’s the third and perhaps most important thing we need to know: the safest place in the world to be is the place of following Jesus wherever He leads.