As we look at Scripture and the history of God’s people, something very clear stands out about the people God chooses to do His work – when He looks for someone to use, when God searches for someone to do something great, He often seems to purposely choose weaker vessels. When looking for a king, He did not choose one of Jesse’s tall, older, more impressive-looking, sons, He chose the youngest, the smallest, the weakest … David, who was out tending the sheep. When looking for someone to carry His name to the world, God didn’t choose a great speaker with a clean record … He chose a murderer named Paul, who was weak with words. Who did Jesus choose to be the rock of His church? The biggest failure of all His faithful followers … a fisherman named Peter who had no religious training at all. And when looking for someone to stand up to the might and strength of Egypt to set His people free … He chose a frail old man named Moses, slow of speech and afraid … to do the job.

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