There is a deep desire within all of us to enjoy a long, healthy life. We don’t want our lives to end. But despite all of our best efforts and billions of dollars spent, our world has not been able to unlock the secret to a longer life. I have found the answer. It has been in God’s word all this time as plain as day. And I’m going to share it with you this morning. God Himself has given us a surefire way to enjoy not only a longer life but a rich, abundant life that never ends. And it doesn’t require you to eat bland food, organic food, or low-calorie food. You don’t have to buy a book or have a lot of money. Believe it or not, it’s actually enjoyable. The only requirement is that we honor other people, starting with our parents. God says that if we choose to do this we will enjoy a long, abundant life. But as so many people today are willing to reorganize their schedules, their finances, and the way they live for all those failed strategies to add years to their lives, are we willing to do things God’s way for a guaranteed path to a blessed eternal life?

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