God causes bad things to happen in our lives. He didn’t cause this pandemic or this quarantine; the civil unrest, injustice, or the fracturing of our society. But it’s in the midst of times like this that God does His absolute best work in our lives. In fact, He has allowed this time of crisis because He knows the biggest breakthroughs come … when everything seems to be falling apart, when all our earthly security is stripped away, when we reach the end of our rope. That’s when God does His best work in the Scriptures … that’s when God does His best work today. Therefore, I think God is saying to us this morning: Don’t let this crisis go to waste! Don’t miss the opportunity to learn, grow, and be changed!

So during this time of crisis … be alert! Open your eyes and your ears to see and hear God! Open your heart to the change He wants to bring about in your life. Because God does His best work in times like this.

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