Do you live with a regular sense of the presence of God? A presence you actually feel? A presence others around you recognize? We talk in the church about being full of the Spirit, about Jesus always being with us, but I’m not sure we really understand what it would mean to walk around with the second person of the Trinity by our side and the third person of the Trinity filling us up. Do you think anything as tremendous as the Holy Spirit could be in you and go unnoticed?
As I read through the Scriptures I find that when a people is inhabited by God you can see it, you can hear it, and at times you can even feel it. When this presence comes into the midst, the fire breaks out and people are changed. And I have decided that I want this presence in my life. Because I believe God stands ready to fill our lives in such a way that others who are willing to see will recognize it as the manifest presence of Jesus and His Spirit in our bodies

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