Do you know what the average attention span is today? Eight seconds. That’s shorter, by the way, than the attention span of a goldfish! People are still in fast pursuit of immediate results. Listen to these recent book titles I found: Thirty Days to a Better Life, Seven Days to a Brand New Me, Sixty-Minute Marriage Builder. Still not fast enough to address your crisis? How about One-Minute Father, Sixty Seconds to Serenity, and Instant Sermons for Busy Pastors.

That is not how the spiritual life works. When it comes to following Jesus, starting is easy, but enduring, persevering, staying the course over a long period of time is hard. And without endurance, there is no blessing; without endurance, there is no reward; without endurance, there will be no fruit. The abundant Christian life is only found by those who set off after Jesus and encounter trials, run into problems, face opposition … but stay the course.

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