Often, in trying to prove the superiority of Jesus, we focus on the fact that only Jesus rose from the dead. And that’s true. But deeper still, only Jesus lived and died with a selfless and sacrificial love for everyone. And the historical power of Jesus comes from the fact that not only did He live a life of sacrificial, joyful love, He can enable others to do the same.  And that’s the good news – that you and I can be born into a brand new life of love that nothing in all the universe can stop or stand against. Not the wickedness of men, the cruelty of life, not even death itself can stop such a life! It will overcome every barrier placed in its way – it will overcome every suffering, evil, and death. It will endure.  The only question for us is: Do we want to be possessed by this kind of love? Do we want to be filled to the brim with a love that neither death nor life, angels nor demons, nor anything else in all creation can overcome?

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