A physiologist and former British Olympian has unveiled a blueprint for what he describes as the world’s ultimate superhuman. It includes the acceleration of Usain Bold’s legs (whose fast-twitch muscle fibers can accelerate faster than 99.9% of people), the lungs of British rower Steve Redgrave (whose seven-liter capacity means he can take in a third more oxygen than the average person), the brain of “human calculator” Scott Flansburg (who can add numbers faster than a real calculator), the vision of Veronica Seider (able to distinguish detail from up to a mile away, her sight is 20 times better than the average human), the ears of Daniel Kish (able to navigate his environment by measuring the echo response of clicks made by his tongue), and the voice of Georgia Brown (whose vocal range spans 8 octaves).

Well, God is assembling a body greater than that right here – the superhuman body of Christ! A body that has been gifted with such things (as we talked about last week) as: miraculous powers, prophecy, mountain-moving faith, healing power, life-giving mercy, and wisdom from another world. And if you are a follower of Jesus, you are part of that superhuman body.

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