I want to say to you that even though building character doesn’t always feel great, this is the most important thing in life. The most important thing about your life is developing the character of Christ. The only thing you’re going to take with you into eternity is your character. What kind of character do you have?  Looking at our media today – our movies and TV shows – and you get the idea that most people think that to live with good character would be pretty boring and dull. Imagine a TV series called, “Breaking Good” instead of “Breaking Bad.” “Miami Virtue” instead of “Miami Vice.” People are drawn to evil, excited by it. Even people in the church.  The Christian Church will never be the light of our word until ordinary individuals just like you and me, through God’s grace, take on the loving, joyful, and powerful character of Christ. All of creation is waiting for us to do so. And this is possible for you and for me.

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