Today the world is doing everything it can to create space between us and Jesus. It tells us that it’s okay to follow Him, as long as we don’t follow too close. Don’t bring Him into your workplace, your school, or your neighborhood. You can go to church, but don’t turn this into a full-time thing. And many Christians today have given in and have chosen to follow Jesus at a distance.
I want to say to you this morning that all of the evils you see in human life come from people keeping their distance from God. Israel’s first and ultimate failure in the Old Testament was their refusal to remain close to God. This one thing led to their downfall, misery, and destruction. And far too many Christians are going down that same road. 
Today, He wants to pull you close to His heart. He wants to embrace you and give you a bear hug that you receive in faith. He wants you to know the joy of His embrace, and never leave His side. So that you walk through the ups and downs of life arm in arm with Jesus.

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