Wrong ideas about God will destroy our lives. Wrong ideas about God poison relationships, homes, and churches. I’ve heard it said that all human troubles come from thinking of God wrongly. How we think about God is not just an intellectual matter. It’s a matter of the kind of people we become. It’s a matter of what we commit ourselves to in life. It determines our character, it determines our attitude, it determines our habits. And that’s why one of the most important things to God is that we think about Him correctly as He really is. That’s why when Jesus came, He essentially said, “Forget everything you think you know about God, I’m going to tell you what He’s really like.” And we might realize this morning that we actually haven’t spent a lot of time looking into what God is really like. Maybe it’s time for us to get serious about knowing God. Because I’m here to tell you this morning that the better we know God the better our lives will be.

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