From the day we come into this world our hearts are turned in on themselves. From day one, we live to please ourselves. And friends, that one thing is the cause of all the wars, misery, and destruction we see in human life. It’s the cause of so much of our fear, anxiety, and worry. Nothing will make me more miserable than living for my will. And God is on a mission to get every person to choose Him as Lord of their life. Not because He wants to conquer, but because He wants to bless. If you hear one thing I say this morning, hear this: The best thing that could possibly happen in our lives is for us to step off the throne and allow God to be God. To live each day with an attitude that says, “God, You’re in charge. No longer am I going to live for my happiness, I now live for Yours.” And this morning, God is inviting each of us to do just that.

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