What does a mature Christian look like? How often do you meet one today? Are you one? C.S. Lewis wrote that the whole purpose of becoming a Christian is to become a little Christ – to become like Jesus; full of His love, patience, and peace. Spiritual transformation is the process of moving from conformity to the world to conformity to Jesus. We invite you to join us this year as we study the book of 1 Corinthians and learn from Paul how to grow up. Paul wrote this letter to a church very much like ours in America today – wealthy, immoral, and immature. Jesus stands ready to make you like Him. Are you ready to join Him?

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There’s something about looking closely, intently, at Jesus and the love He has shown us that grips our heart and demands that we take Him seriously. And that is what Jesus invites each one of us to do today: to look at Him very closely and decide who He is going to be in our lives.

This story, our Scripture passage today, indeed our own experience demonstrate that it is very possible to come to church, to be in the presence of Jesus, to engage in religious activities without really taking Jesus seriously, without really making a connection with Him, without realizing how loving, how incredible, and how great He really is.

Growing Up

Growing Up