In our passage today, Paul says that we are like little seeds. We’re pretty small. We don’t look all that impressive. This little seed doesn’t appear glorious at all. That is, unless you bury it in the ground. Bury this tiny seed in the dirt and what is it that soon bursts forth? A plant thousands of times the size of that seed, full of flowers with breathtaking color, beauty, and glory.

And that is a tiny picture of what soon will happen when our bodies are buried in the ground if we are in Christ. Just as you can’t see the full glory of what is contained in this seed until it is buried in the ground, you can’t see our full glory now. But once we are buried, the glory of who we really are through Jesus will be revealed. A glory thousands of times greater than what you can see right now; full of breathtaking beauty, power, and light.

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